Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tips: How to set up a wireless network connection in Windows 7

In this article, we are going to discuss about setting a WLAN connection up with a wireless router or an access point. Follow the instructions as exactly provided on the above page. If you click on the wireless icon on the system tray, you can view the list of available networks. If you’re able to view the networks, directly go the step # 10.
1.    First, turn the physical wireless switch ON (the physical wireless switch will be located in different places for different computers).

2.    Now, select the Control Panel from the Start menu.
3.    Then, select Network and Internet.

4.    It is required to select Network and Sharing Center in the Network and Internet window.
5.    Now, it is required to click Set up a new connection or network in the Change your networking settings option.

6.    Then, select a new Setup connection network option.
7.    After that select the Connect to the internet option and then click Next.

8.    Now, you can view Broadband and wireless. It is required to select wireless.
9.    A list of available wireless networks will be shown as in the image.
10.    Select the network to which you wish to connect the computer.

11.    If you’ve your personal wireless connection and it is not listed, it is required to configure the connection manually. Let’s discuss in another article.
12.    Now, click the connect button below to your wireless network or access point.
13.    If the network you’ve selected is not protected with any password, the steps are over.
14.    If so, it is required to enter the password of the selected network to enable the wireless connection.
15.    After entering the password, you can click on OK.
16.    That’s it. You’ve successfully setup the wireless internet connection.
17.    You can view the below image after connecting to the wireless network.

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