Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tips: How to use the Gmail account to send and receive mails in Hotmail

If you’re looking to send and receive e-mails from your Hotmail account using any other e-mail accounts like Gmail or Yahoo, go through this article and follow the steps provided.
Now, let’s go to the steps.
•    First, log in to your Hotmail account.
•    Click on the icon (looks like a gear wheel) of the Inbox option on the left side.

•    Now, select the “Get e-mail from another account” option as shown on the below image.

•    After that, select the “Add an e-mail account” option as shown on the second image.

•    If you select the “Add an e-mail account” option, you can view two boxes where it is required to enter the e-mail ID from which you wish to send and receive the mails.

•    Then, enter the password in the second box.
•    After that click on the “Advanced option” to enter the required information like POP 3 user name, Incoming Mail server and the Port #.
•    You can enter any name as the POP 3 User Name and enter for Gmail account.
•    The Port # will 995 by default.

•    Now, click Next.
•    The main thing you’ve to note about this is the POP 3 User Name should be enabled in your Gmail account.
•    You can check the below image to enable the POP 3 in your Gmail account.

•    You can select any of the options as highlighted on the same image. However, we’ve selected the second option “Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on” and worked fine for us.
•    When you click on the Next option, you will be prompted to enter the folder name in which you wish to save the e-mails of second e-mail account.

•    Moreover, if you wish you can use any existing folder to save the sent and received e-mail accounts.
•    Now, click on the Save option.
•    After clicking on the Save option, you can click on the “Continue to Hotmail” option.

•    Now, you can view the options as shown on the below image.

•    Then, please log in to your Gmail account to verify the confirmation e-mail.
•    Now, all is set. You can start using the Gmail account within the Hotmail account.
•    You can check the last image in this article that has been sent to Gmail and being accessed from the Hotmail account.