Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tips: Spreading Promotions In Orkut Easily

One of the greatest ways to promote and share information is Orkut Promotion. You can just create a promotion and Orkut will show it to all of your friends who can share it with their friends. Now, let’s discuss about spreading the promotion even further. In this article, we have provided a promo URL. For the every promotion you create, it  generates a web address that you can use to share the promotion in your scraps or outside of Orkut. All you’ve to do is just copy and paste it anywhere you wish. If anyone clicks on it, they’ll see your promotion on the top right corner of your Orkut profile.

Now, you can fine the Promo URL on the Promote page by clicking the “Applications” drop-down menu on the Orkut homepage and selecting “Promote”. Moreover, you can get one of these web addresses for each of your existing promotions to never them out. Try using the Orkut promotion and check it out.

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