Friday, January 14, 2011

Tips: Start a server service and configure the service tostartautomatically

This article is about starting a server service and configuring the service to start automatically. Therefore, you can set the services as you like.
1.    Click the Start button, and in the Search field, type Services.msc .
2.    Press the ENTER key.
3.    You may also type this command in the run command window.
4.    Press the Windows logo and the R keys together to open the run command window.
5.    To change the settings, it is required to open the services window as shown in this image.

6.    Click on the start button, type services.msc in the search box and then press the enter key.
7.    This will launch services window. Here, if you’re prompted for the administrator password or the User Account Control settings, enter the appropriate password and click continue or yes.
8.    Now, in the service window, you can click to select your desired service.
9.    Then, it is required to select action from the menu bar.

10.    In the action menu, it is required to select the properties.
11.    You can open the properties window by simply double clicking on the service or right clicking and selecting properties.
12.    In the properties windows of services, you can click down the arrow next to startup type.
13.    Then, it is required to select automatic.
14.    Here, if you wish, you can select the options among “Automatic (delayed start), Manual and Disabled.
15.    Then, click on the apply button.

16.    If the status of the server is stopped, you can click the start button to start the service.
17.    Now, click on OK and close the services window by clicking the x button.
18.    Click the Apply button.
19.    If the Server status: shows Stopped , click the Start button to start the service.
20.    Click the OK button.
21.    In the Services window, click the X in the upper right corner to close the window.
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