Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tips: Troubleshoot the Windows Aero feature in the services window

We’ve already discussed about troubleshooting the Windows Aero feature of the Windows 7 Operating System. However, this is a step ahead to troubleshoot the issue that can never be fixed by the last troubleshooting step. This morning when I was working on Windows 7, all of the sudden the Windows Aero feature had stopped working. Then, I’ve started troubleshooting as usual, but the issue never seemed to be resolved. At that time, one of my friends informed this step. That has successfully fixed the issue with the Windows Aero feature. Okay, let’s discuss about it.
As we have discussed in many articles, it is required to open the services window by typing the services.msc in the search box or in the run command window as shown in this image.

•    Now, you can get the services window open.
•    In the right pane of the services window, it is required to right click on the Desktop Windows Manager Session Manger option.

•    Then, select stop to end the process. This will stop the process.
•    Now, it is required to right click on the same process and start the process again.
•    Close the services window by clicking the X button on the top corner of the window.
•    This will resolve the issue with the Windows Aero feature.

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