Sunday, January 16, 2011

Troubleshoot: Bluetooth and wireless devices are not working whenthecomputer resumes from the sleep or the hibernation mode

This is similar to the previous articles and has the information about the Bluetooth and Wireless devices don’t automatically connect after the computer returns from the hibernation or sleep mode. This issue occurs due to the settings that get triggered when the computer enters the hibernation or the sleep mode which can disconnect Bluetooth devices from being discovered. There are possibilities even for the devices that been already paired with the computer. You can follow the following steps to change the configuration settings that let the Bluetooth devices to remain active and connected even when the computer resumes from the hibernation or the sleep mode.
1.    Click the Start button and then click Control Panel .

2.    In the Control Panel window, click Hardware and Sound .

3.    Open the Hardware and Sound categories in the Control Panel window. You can open the control panel by clicking on the start button and selecting the same.
4.    Now, select the device manager under the devices and printers option in the Hardware and Sound window.
5.    You can also open the device manager by typing “devmgmt.msc” in the search box or in the run command window.

6.    Now, double click on the Bluetooth radios in the device manager.
7.    Then, it is required to double click the Generic Bluetooth Adapter under the Bluetooth radios.
8.    Click the Power Management tab in the Generic Bluetooth Adapter Properties window.
9.    You can click to remove the check next to “Allow the computer to turn OFF the device to save power”.
10.    Now, click OK and close the window.

11.    Then, select the Power Options in the Hardware and Sound window.
12.    Select Change Plan Settings in the Power Options window.
13.    Click on the Change Advanced Power Settings option in the Edit Plan Settings window.
14.    In the Power Options window and double click the USB settings option.
15.    Under the USB settings option, it is required to double click USB selective suspend settings.
16.    Now, it is required to select On Battery and click the down arrow next to enabled.
17.    After that click disabled.
18.    Under On Battery, click to select Plugged in and click the down arrow next to Enabled and click Disabled.

19.    Double click the Wireless Adapter Settings option.
20.    Then double click the Power Saving Mode.
21.    After that, under Power Saving Mode, click to select On Battery and click down arrow to select Maximum Performance.
22.    Now, in the Power Options Window, click the OK button.
23.    Then, click the X button on the upper right corner to close the window and restart the computer for the changes to take the effect.