Sunday, January 2, 2011

Troubleshoot: My Aero Peek feature has stopped working

Aero Peek is one of the most excellent features of the Windows 7 Operating System. If it is not working, you can troubleshoot it easily without changing the settings manually. Now, let’s discuss about troubleshooting the Aero Peek feature.

•    First, please click on the Start button and select Control Panel.
•    Now, select System and Security in the Control Panel.
•    In the Control Panel, select System as shown in the image.

•    Now, you can view a window with all the information about your Computer.

•    In the left pane of the same window, it is required to select the Action Center option as shown in the image.

•    After selecting the Action Center option, it is required to select the Troubleshooting option.
•    In the troubleshooting window, select the Display Aero desktop effects.

•    Now, the computer will start diagnosing the issue with the Aero Peek feature.
•    Once the diagnosing process is finished, the issue will be resolved.

•    Then, click on Close.
•    You can view the difference between the first and the last images provided in this article.