Friday, January 14, 2011

Troubleshoot: Wireless, Network and Internet stop working whencomputerresumes from hibernation

We’ve already discussed about the Bluetooth Audio device that doesn’t connect when the computer resumes from the hibernation mode. Similarly, this is another article in which we are going to discuss about the wireless network connection that disconnects after the computer resumes from the sleep or the hibernation mode. It is due to the WLAN adapter that gets failed to connect when the computer resumes from sleep, standby or the hibernation mode. Follow the following procedure to resolve the issue.
1.    Click the Start button to select Control Panel .
2.    Open the System and Maintenance option in the Control Panel window.

3.    Now, click on the Power Options in the Power Options window.
4.    Then, you’ve to change the Power Plan settings in the Select a power plan window.
5.    Click the Change advanced power settings option in the Edit Plan settings window.
6.    Now, you’ve to click the plus (+) symbol next to Wireless adapter settings in the Advanced Settings tab. This will expand the category.

7.    Then, click the plus sign (+) by the Power Saving Mode under the Wireless Adapter selections.
8.    It is required to click On Battery in the Power Saving Mode option.
9.    You can expand the category by clicking on the down arrow and select Maximum Performance.
10.    You can follow the same steps to change the settings of the computer when it is connected to the AC power supply.
11.    Make sure that if any other option than the Maximum Performance is selected, the WLAN connection will fail.
12.    Click the OK button. All it is set now.