Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tweak: Windows 7 Taskbar Tweaker modifies your taskbar

Although Windows 7 has come out with a lot of graphical features, yet some of us are not satisfied and they want to make the look in the way they like. There are a lot of software available to customize the taskbar and the look of Windows 7. One of such software is 7 Taskbar Tweaker used to tweak Windows 7’s new taskbar. It is a portable application and offer much more options for modifying the elegance of the Windows 7 taskbar. It is compatible with both the 32 bit and the 64 bit operating system and shows the configuration as shows the following screen at the startup. You can have four options for changing or adding the behaviour of mouse click. Therefore, you can easily customize the right click and middle click functionality or add middle and double click actions on the empty space on the taskbar. Moreover, you can  use this to show the desktop, emulate Ctrl-Alt-Tab, open the task manager or the taskbar inspector.

Now, let’s discuss about five important features of the 7 Taskbar Tweaker.
1.    Grouping: You can easily group by application ID, change the group and the group pinned items.
2.    Combining: Used to force combine grouped items and to decombine on mouse hover.
3.    Mouse hover: You can have the option to disable taskbar thumbnail previews.
4.    Dropping: You can change from pin to taskbar to open with.
5.    Misc: Make pinned items smaller as your convenience.

•    Grouping: Change from group by application ID to don’t group or don’t group pinned items.
•    Combining: Option to force combining grouped items and to decombine on mouse hover.
•    Mouse hover: Option to disable taskbar thumbnail previews
•    Dropping: change from pin to taskbar to open with.
•    Misc: Make pinned items smaller.
Windows 7 Operating System is the only compatible OS with this 7 Taskbar Tweaker.

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