Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Windows 7: How to enable multiple time zones and set the internettimezone

In this article, let’s discuss about adding multiple time zone to the taskbar of the computer. That’ll be very useful for you to check multiple clock timings with a single click. This feature was not available in the earlier version operating systems like Windows XP. Now, let’s discuss about changing and adding multiple time zone in the Windows 7 Operating Systems.
•    Double click on the clock of the taskbar or right click on it to select “Adjust date and time”.

•    Now, select “Change date and time settings” as shown in the image.
•    Then, you can change your date and time zone by clicking on the “Change time zone” tab.

•    Here, you can select your current location for your time zone.
•    After selecting the option, it is required to select the “Additional Clocks” tab.

•    Then, apply the tick mark in both the “Show this clock” options.
•    Now, you can select the time zone which you wish to have.
•    Moreover, you can enter the display name of the clocks you’ve selected.

•    After that, if you want to set the Internet Time zone, please select the “Internet Time” tab and then select the “Change settings” option as shown in the image.

•    After selecting your favorite or correct internet time, click on the Update Now tab.
•    Then, click on OK.
•    Now, all it is set. You’ve successfully added multiple clocks to your computer.

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