Thursday, February 3, 2011

Encryption Tips: Enabling and disabling encrypted search in GoogleChrome

If you’re a Google Chrome user and have experienced the switch to the encrypted search, you may want to know how they can disable the feature again. Besides, some of the users may want to enable the encrypted search. It is often referred to as Google SSL that improves the protection against some attack forms that spy on your computer’s traffic. SSL search will be enabled only on some Google properties. Google Images and Google Maps are available over SSL currently. Now, follow the steps as shown below. The Google Chrome searches are initiated from the Chrome address bar since there is no additional search form available in the interface.
If you wish to change the default search engine, it is required to click on the Wrench icon on the Chrome address toolbar and select options from the drop down menu. Then, you can select the default search engine from the search on the first page that is opened.

The standard un-encrypted Google Search Engine, Encrypted Google Search, Bing and two location based services will be the available options. If you wish, you can easily add search engines by clicking on Manage search engines. As mentioned above, you can change the search engine with a click on the pulldown menu and the selection of one of the available search engines. Google un-encrypted users can search for instance selected Google encrypted to search with SSL. If you wish, you can switch back to the standard Google search engine by following the same steps.

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