Friday, February 11, 2011

News: HP unveils TouchPad to compete iPad

In order to compete the dominative Apple’s iPad and the devices running Google Inc Software, Hewlett-Packard has unveiled its entrant the TouchPad. It measures 9.7-inch and runs OFF Palm’s well-regarded WebOS Operating System and it is the stake. It is 1.5-Pound and features a fast dual-core Qualcomm Inc Chip, video call and the Adobe System’s Flash Software.
HP says that this TouchPad is priced competitively against the iPad which starts at $499. It will be launched with a Wi-Fi and followed by a 3G compatible version later in the year. One of the largest technology companies by revenue has also announced new SmartPhones on Wednesday, the Veer and the Pre3, both also based on the webOS software that HP acquired last summer in its $1.2 billion purchase of handheld device pioneer Palm.

Besides, HP has declined to provide details on wireless carrier agreements for any of its new devices. However, it has outlined a number of partnerships it has forged to bring content to webOS devices. will offer a free Kindle e-reader app, while Time Warner Inc's Time Inc publishing arm will sell subscriptions to magazines such as Sports Illustrated and People. Moreover, HP says webOS will “complement” Microsoft’s Windows Software on PCs rather than displace it, but declined to provide specifics.
Though WebOS is widely viewed as s strong platform, yet HP feels that it is a battle to gain traction in the mobile market. As you know, it is too late as the domination of Apple and the devices based on Google’s Android is at the peak in the market.

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