Thursday, February 10, 2011

Software: Find hidden collects all hidden files and folders

Usually, we use the folder hide option to hide the files on the computer. Most of the times, we don’t remember where we’ve saved and hidden the files. In this scenario, you can use the Find Hidden Software. It is a portable freeware that lets you search and find the hidden files and the folders on your Windows computer easily and quickly. If you wish to use this application, it is not a difficult task. All you’ve to do is to download the app, select the options and click search. The utility will list all the hidden files and the folders down on your computer.  Some of the features of the freeware are as follow.

•    Using this tool, you can delete, copy and change the attributes of the files easily.
•    With this tool, you can create report in a text document format.
•    Moreover, you can even the protected operating system files.
•    Besides, you can search the files and the folders by the size and the date such as created, modified and last accessed.
•    Find Hidden is a binary viewer software.

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