Friday, March 25, 2011

Google: Touchscreens get a new experimental tab from Chrome

The new experimental new tab page about:flags page has been added with a new option by Chromium. This tab is a work in process and used to optimize for the touchscreens. However, the feature includes the web apps you’ve previously installed to be organized in multiple home screens.

"The idea with this touch NTP is to focus (for now) on apps, and make it easy
to arrange them into pages. You can swipe/drag to switch pages, and press
and hold to lift an app and rearrange it," explains Google.

Note that, while the product portion of the touch NTP is designed to work just in the latest version of Chrome, this hack attempts to add some support for working in older browsers to enable testing and demonstration on existing tablet platforms. In particular, this code has been tested to work on Mobile Safari in iOS 4.2. The goal is that the need to support any other browser should not leak out of this file - and so we will hack global JS objects as necessary here to present the illusion of running on the latest version of Chrome”, this is one of the interesting comments that I found on a Google’s JavaScript files.

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