Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Maple Professional fulfills your thirst of tree storing

If you’re looking for a software that creates hierarchical trees to store documents, notes and images, your choice should be Maple Professional. It is an ultimate software that fulfills your thirst of tree storing. Still, it is easier and useful hierarchical navigation system. Moreover, it is able to control your web pages and provide an intuitive way of showing structured information about all of your data by creating unlimited nodes and sub-nodes to assign any document to each node. Using this tool, you can have the features to backup system for creating tree backup copies and protect your vital files with the use of encryption. It has come out with a built-in calculator, provides integration with Microsoft Word Spell Checker, Grammar Checker and thesaurus.

Besides, this tool supports rich text formatting as well as drag-and-drop features. Importing multiple documents into the tree with a single click is more possible in this tool. .rtf, .txt, .doc, .wri, or .html are the supported formats of Maple Professional.

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