Thursday, March 24, 2011

Software: Second Copy copies files and folders to your desired location

If you’re looking for a software that is able to copy the files and the folders from one location to another on the same drive, another drive or across the network, Second Copy will be the perfect choice for you. This is a handy programs and lets you copy the files and folders easily to your desired location. Moreover, you will be able to set the “Profiles” that describes the source location, destination location and the frequency at which you wish to copy the files and the folders. This program is able to monitor the source files for the changes or the additions and then automatically copy the new or changed files to their designated destination.

Besides, the program sets up the profile wizard to make quick configurations, PKZIP compatible compression, password protection, AES encryption, two-way directory synchronization and background thread priority control.
If you wish to copy the files using FTP, send e-mail notification after backup, you can do it with this Second Copy.

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