Monday, March 28, 2011

Troubleshoot: Windows Experience Index

Windows Experience Index, the word that can never be ignored in Windows 7. Sometimes, fortunately or unfortunately, it will stop working. The WEI will not be displayed or it will not be up to date. If you wish to troubleshoot it and don’t know how to, go through this article. It is one of the simplest steps.
Now, follow the following steps to troubleshoot the Windows Experience Index if it is not listed in the Performance and Tools Windows  or if it is not up to date.
•    First, it is required to connect the computer to the AC adapter.
•    Now, click on the start button to select control panel.
•    After that, it is required to select system and security in the control panel.
•    Now, under system, it is required to check the Windows Experience Index.
•    If you want to make this simple, just type Windows Experience Index in the search box and then select it.

•    Then, click Re-run the assessment option in the performance information and tools window.

Make sure that the computer is connected to the AC power supply. If you run the Windows Experience Index in the battery mode, you can view the yellow exclamation mark as shown on the image.

If you connect the computer to the AC power supply, the Windows Experience Index will be as shown below.

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