Monday, March 28, 2011

Windows 7: How to fix the problems automatically

If you’ve any issues with hardware and sound, webs, networks, program compatibility and the printers, you need not to worry as you have a default troubleshooter feature in control panel. This feature is able to fix the issues automatically. Follow the following procedure.
Follow this procedure to use the troubleshooter.
The main thing you’ve note about this is that the troubleshooters can’t fix every issues. However, it is a very useful tool to save your time and effort in resolving the problems.
1.    Click on the start button to select control panel.
2.    Now, it is required to select system and security and then select Find and fix problems.
3.    Now, you can view the following options in the troubleshooting window.
4.    Therefore, you can select the option you wish to troubleshoot.

•    Programs
In this section, you can click on the icon next to the problem you have and wish to resolve.
The choices are:
•    Internet Connections
•    Internet Explorer Performance
•    Internet Explorer Safety
•    Program Compatibility
•    Printing
•    Windows Media Player Settings

•    Hardware and Sound
Here your options are:
•    Playing Audio
•    Recording Audio
•    Hardware and Devices
•    Network Adapter
•    Printer
•    Windows Media Player DVD
•    Set up TV tuner

•    Network and Internet
In this section, your options are:
•    Internet Connections
•    Shared Folders
•    HomeGroup
•    Network Adapter
•    Incoming Connections
•    Connection to a Workplace Using DirectAccess
•    Printer

•    Appearance and Personalization
In this section, you have two options
•    Aero
•    Display Quality

•    System and Security
The choices in this category are:
•    Internet Explorer Safety
•    System Maintenance
•    Performance
•    Power
•    Search and Indexing
•    Windows Update

Now, it is required to enter the administrator password if prompted. Moreover, you can also allow the User Account Control settings if it is displayed. Then, click yes to continue the process.
If you wish to have more troubleshooters available online, it is required to select the “Get the most up-to-date troubleshooter” option from the Windows Online Troubleshooting service check box at the bottom of the window.
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