Monday, April 18, 2011

Mac: How to recover the deleted, corrupted and the lost data

We have been discussing about a lot of system recovery software in our blog. In such a way, this is another software. This time, let’s discuss about a recovery software used for Mac. The name of the software is Mac Data Recovery Software. It is a user friendly and full features Mac data recovery program that lets the Mac users to recover the data from the Mac hard drives. You can use this software to recover the deleted, formatted, corrupted, lost data and Mac volumes. Other than the reason for data loss, you can use this software for recovering data from accidental format, damage to a partition, a virus, deleted files and even a re-install of an Operating System, Data Recovery for Mac can still find your data! It is incredibly easy to use, yet so powerful and robust that it is used daily by data recovery companies world- wide.

Some salient features of Mac Data Recovery Software:
•    You can use this software to recover lost, deleted and formatted partitions or logical HFS, HFS+ volumes.
•    Besides, it is used to recover the file system components from HFS & HFS+ file system.
•    You can also use this software to recover files from the drives that don’t mount.
•    It is able to recover the boot sector.

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