Monday, April 18, 2011

Networking: How to set a public or a private network location

If your computer is connected to a network that has direct connection to internet like available in airports and coffee shops, you can use the public network location type. This network setting will be automatically configured when using the public network location like Windows Firewall (On), Network Discovery (Off) and Sharing (Off). You can use the Private network location type if your computer is connected to a network that contains trusted computers and connects to internet through a router that provides firewall protection like home or small business network.

Now, you can follow the procedure below to select a private or public network location type for a network connection. Make sure that the computer is actively connected to a network.
1.    First, click the start button to select control panel.
2.    Now, in the control panel window, it is required to click Network and Internet
3.    Then, it is required to select Network and Sharing Center in the Network and Internet window.
4.    After that, it is required to click customize in the Network and Sharing Center.
5.    Now, in the Set Network Location window, next to Location type, it is required to select Public or Private depending on the type of network to which the computer is connected.
6.    Then, click the next button.
7.    Here, if you’re prompted to enter the administrator password or a User Account Control prompts, it is required to accept the setting by clicking Yes and click Continue.
8.    Now, click the Close button.

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