Monday, April 4, 2011

Tips: How to restore the data using the Windows Backup and Restorefeature

In our blog, we have already discussed about backing the data up using the Windows Backup and Restore feature. Now, let’s discuss about restoring the backed up data to the computer. The main thing you’ve to note about this is the data loss. Besides, if you’ve backed up the data using the Windows Backup and Restore feature, it is required to use the same feature to restore the data. The backed up data can’t be moved by copying and pasting. However, the data can be browsed and explored.
Now, let’s go with the procedure.
•    First, it is required to close all the opened applications.
•    Now, you can connect the external hard drive, USB drive or the CD/DVDs that has the data to be backed up.
•    After that, it is required to click on the start button and then select control panel.
•    Now, under system and security option in the control panel window, it is required to click backup your computer.
•    Then, in the backup or restore your files window in the restore section, it is required to click the Restore my files button.

•    You can search for or select files or folders that you wish to backup by using the browse or the search option.
Now, let’s discuss about searching for files or folders.

•    As usual, click on the search button.
•    Then, in the search for files to restore window, in the search for text box, you can type the desired search phrase and then click the search button.
•    After that, click to check the box next to the files or folders you wish to restore and then click the OK button.

To select files, follow the following procedure.
•    Now, click the browse button for files button.
•    After that, in the browse the backup for files windows, navigate to the location of desired file.
•    Then, click to select the file and then click the Add files button.

To select folders:
1.    It is required to click the browse button for folders button.
2.    Now, navigate to the location of the desired folder.
3.    After that, click to select the folder and then click the Add folders button.

If you’ve successfully added all the desired files and the folders, you can click on the next button. If you wish to restore the files to your desired location,
After you have added all desired files and folders, click the Next button, in the Where do you want to restore your files? window, click to select In the original location or In the following location and then click on the Restore button. Once the restoration process is successful, you can click on the finish button. That’s it. Now, you’ve successfully restored the files.

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