Monday, April 18, 2011

Tips: How to select low and critical power levels for the battery

Windows is able to monitor the power level of your battery and to warn you if the battery power reaches low and critical levels. If your battery reaches the low charge, the battery icon on the Windows taskbar will indicate a low battery power level. Therefore, make sure that you’ve sufficient time to install a fully charged battery and find an AC outlet or save your work. If your battery is almost out of power, the battery icon changes to indicate a critical-battery level.
Now, if you wish to choose low and critical power levels, follow the instructions mentioned below.
•    It is required to open Power Options by clicking on the start button, selecting control panel and System and Maintenance.

•    Now, it is required to select the Power Options. You can also open the Power Options by typing power option in the search box.
•    Then, it is required to select the “Change plan settings” option under the selected plan.
•    Now, on the Change settings for the plan page, it is required to click Change advanced power settings.
•    After that, on the Advanced settings tab, it is required to expand Battery and expand Low battery level to select Critical battery level.
•    Now, it is required to select the percentage that you wish to have for each level.
•    Then, click OK to save the settings.
•    Now, you can click the close button on the change settings for the plan change.
•    Now, you’ve successfully set the low and critical level for the battery.
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