Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tips: How to turn ON the additional file and printer sharing options

Even though we have discussed a lot about printer sharing, yet this is another extended method to turn ON additional file and printer sharing feature. If you change your network location to Home or Work as we have discussed in the previous article, the network discovery will be automatically turned ON. Moreover, you can also turn ON these sharing options individually.
•    Network discovery
•    File sharing (in Windows 7, this is automatically turned on when you share a file or folder)
•    Public folder sharing
If you turn ON these options, your computer will be able to:
•    Find other computers and devices on your home network and have other computers find your computer
•    Share its files and folders
•    Share its Public folders

You can have three network discovery options that say:
•    On
If you enable this option, your computer will be visible to others on the network. Therefore, you can use this feature to share files and printers.

•    Off
This option is used to prevent your computer from seeing other network computers and devices. Moreover, this option prevents others on other network to view your computer.
•    Custom
This is a mixed state using which some settings related to network discovery are enabled. Remember that not all of them. If you select this option, the network discover can be turned ON, but if you or your system admin has disabled a firewall exception that will affect the network discovery though it is turned ON.

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