Thursday, April 14, 2011

Windows Easy Transfer: How to transfer files and settings fromoldcomputer to new computer using Easy Transfer Cable

We know you’ve started using the Windows 7 Operating System in the computer as most of the computers are shipped with the same. However, you should have some valuable data in your old computer and you’re unaware of transferring them to the new computer. If so, you needn’t worry more as the Windows Easy Transfer feature is there for you. Using this Windows Easy Transfer feature, you can transfer the files in three different methods. Now, let’s discuss about transferring the files using an Easy Transfer Cable.
1.    First, connect one end of the Easy Transfer Cable to a USB port on the new computer and the other end to a USB port on the old computer.
2.    Now, it is required to select “This is my new computer” option in the “Which computer are you using now?”.
3.    Then, in the “Do you need to install Windows Easy Transfer on your old computer?” window, it is required to select “I need to install it now”.

4.    If you’ve already installed Windows Easy Transfer on the old computer that has Windows XP or Windows Vista, it is required to click “I already installed it on my old computer”, go to the old computer, open Windows Easy Transfer and then skip to step  15.
5.    At the same time, if you’ve Windows 7 in your old computer, it is required to click “My old computer is running Windows 7”.
6.    Then, to the old computer, open Windows Easy Transfer and then skip to step 15.
7.    Now, connect a USB flash drive or external hard drive to the computer.
8.    After that, in the the How do you want to install Windows Easy Transfer on you old computer? window,  you can click External Hard Disk or USB flash drive depending on the device you are using.
9.    Then, it is required to browse to and click to select the drive or folder where you like to save the file.
10.    You can click on the OK button now.

11.    Now, the Windows Easy Transfer installation files will be copied to the drive.
12.    It is required to select “Install Windows Easy Transfer on you old computer window”.
13.    Then, click the Next button and remove the USB flash drive or external hard disk from the new computer and connect it to the old computer.
14.    Now, on the old computer, if Windows Easy Transfer starts automatically, you can skip the next step.
15.    Open the folder or drive in the old computer where the Windows Easy Transfer file was saved and double click on the Windows Easy Transfer.

Important Notes:
•    Here, if you’re prompted to enter the administrator or a User Account Control prompt is displayed, it is required to type appropriate password and click Continue or click Yes.
•    Sometimes, you will be prompted to install the latest service pack update. Therefore, make sure that you’re installing the respective service pack.
16.    Now, it is required to click the Next button in the Windows Easy Transfer window.
17.    Then, in the “Which computer are you using now?” window, click “This is my old computer.
18.    After that, on the new computer, Windows Easy Transfer will scan to determine what files can be transferred.
19.     In the Choose what to transfer window on the new computer, choose the desired files and folders you would like to transfer.

Now, you can get the following transfer options are available:
•    If you wish to select by user, it is required to click the checkbox next to a user account to select or remove it.
•    Then, click the Transfer button.
•    If you wish to select by file categories, you can use any of the following procedures.

1.    Under the desired user account, click Customize .
2.    Click the checkbox next to a file category to select or remove it.
3.    Close the file categories pop-up window and then click the Transfer button.

Now, let’s discuss about selecting by individual file and folders. Read the following procedure.
1.    It is required to click Customize under the desired user account.
2.    After that, click Advanced in the file categories pop-up window.
3.    Now, in the Modify your selections window, click the checkbox next to a file or folder to select remove it.
4.    Then, click the save button and click on Transfer.
5.    You can click “See what was transferred?” in the “Your transfer is complete window” to view a report on the files that have been transferred.

6.    Now, you can get a list of suggested applications you wish to install.
7.    Then, click the Close button.
8.    After that, on the old computer, click Close on Windows Easy Transfer window.
9.    Now, disconnect the Easy Transfer cable from both the computers.
10.    If you find that the user account does not exist on the new computer, it will be created, the file and settings will be transferred to the appropriate folders under the specific user accounts.
11.    Now, you can check the transferred files in the new computer.