Friday, April 1, 2011

Windows: How To Change Video Settings In Windows DVD Maker

If you wish to change the settings that fit your need, you have an option in the Windows DVD Maker. In the Windows DVD Maker DVD Options dialog box, you can change the settings. Follow the following instructions.
Launch the Windows DVD Maker Software
•     It is required to click Start, click All Programs, and then click Windows DVD Maker. You can also open Windows DVD Maker by inserting a blank recordable or rewriteable DVD into your DVD burner. When the AutoPlay dialog appears automatically, click Burn a DVD video disc using Windows DVD Maker.
•    You can also launch the Windows DVD Maker by typing Windows DVD Maker in the search box of the start menu.
Now, let’s discuss about changing the settings of Windows DVD Maker.
1.    First, launch the Windows DVD Maker.
2.    Then, on the Share your memories on a DVD page, it is required to click Choose Photos and Videos.
3.    After that, on the Add pictures and video to the DVD page, click Options.

The below mentioned settings can be changed in the DVD Options dialog:
•    Opt one of the following options depending on how you want your DVD to play:
o    If you want the DVD menu to display when the disc is inserted in a DVD player, click Start with DVD menu.
o    If you want the video to play immediately when the disc is inserted in a DVD player and show the menu the end, click Play video and end with DVD menu.
o    If you want the video to play automatically and loop continuously, click Play video in a continuous loop. You will still be able to see the menu if you choose the menu option using the remote control for your DVD player.
•    If you have a Windows Movie Maker project file from an earlier version of Windows Movie Maker that you have not opened in Windows Movie Maker in Windows Vista, the video in the project will have the aspect ratio that is set in Windows DVD Maker when you add the project to your DVD.
•    Video format. This option lets you choose the video format that will be used for the video on your DVD. The choices are NTSC and PAL. Most of the time you will not need to change this setting, unless you plan to share your DVD with a friend or family member who lives in a different country/region.
The video format that is selected by default is based on the Regional and Language Options settings in the Control Panel.
•    DVD aspect ratio. This option lets you determine if a slide show on the DVD is displayed at 16:9 (widescreen) or 4:3 (standard) aspect ratio. The aspect ratio is expressed as the relation of the width to the height of the slide show. When deciding which aspect ratio to choose, consider the aspect ratio for the monitor or TV on which your slide show will be played back.
•    DVD burner speed. This option allows you to select the speed to burn your DVD. The default choice for this option is Fastest. Some DVD burners will not burn at full speed using some kinds of DVDs. If you have problems burning discs, try selecting Medium or Slow.
•    Temporary file location. If you want to change the storage location for temporary files that are created when making a DVD, click Browse, select the new folder location, and then click OK.

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