Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tips: How to install software only for a particular user or a computerin a LAN using the Group Policy

Now, let’s discuss about performing an administrative installation.
Make sure that you’re performing an administrative installation before deploying the Acrobat products using GPO. If you do this, a central location for the uncompressed program files will be created. Therefore, they can be packaged and deployed to other computers. Make sure that you’re performing an administrative installation of each Acrobat product that you wish to deploy.
Follow the following steps to perform an administrative installation:
1.    It is required to create a source folder on a secure network share. Make sure that the source folder contains a copy of the Acrobat product installer (from your product CD).
2.    Then, on a network share that is accessible by users or computers to which you will deploy the applications, create a distribution point (a folder where the installer can install the uncompressed program files).
3.    Now, click on the start button, select “Run” and enter the following command.
Msiexec /a \\source_computer\source_share\Managed_App_Source\AcroPro.msi
where \\source_computer\source_share\Managed_App_Source is the path to the source folder you created in step 1.
4.    If you receive a prompt asking where to install the files, it is required to browse to the distribution point to the source folder created in the step # 2.
5.    Now, click OK.
6.    If the installer finishes, all program files will be at the distribution point.
Note: For any application that you deploy (other than a transform you created by using Tuner), you must edit the Abcpy.ini file to contain the serial number information for the application. To edit this file, right-click the file name and choose Properties. Then, uncheck the Readme option and type the serial number information in the OEM Installation Options box.