Saturday, July 9, 2011

News: KDDI R&D Labs brings the highly accurate visualization of radiowave arrival directions

This is one of the best news ever released. At Wireless Technology Park 2011, KDDI R&D Labs revealed for the first time a system that is capable of making the directions radio waves visible. The system comprises a 9-element array antenna, 8 cameras, a GPS, and an electronic gyroscope and it can overlay the direction radio waves that are coming from on a display. Moreover, it is used as a tool to design cells that are within the range to receive radio waves from base stations. Normally, array antenna technology is used to estimate the horizontal directions, whereas this is unique in that we’ll be capable of using the calibration technology to estimate the vertical directions.
The mobile phone cells have been designed as a planar system. Femtocells and picocells are recently introduced; they have been designed stereoscopically. Therefore, it is one of reasons to make us think this kind of system is essential.

If we need to explain theoretically, it’s capable of catching the radio waves from a mobile phone. So, one possible application for this system is to locate a mobile phone that you had dropped and didn’t know its location. The estimated accuracy for both the horizontal and elevation directions is about one degree today. One thing is sure, this can be considered as a new era.

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