Friday, July 15, 2011

Release: Stay updated of weather with Bing Weather Results

Very recently Bing has refreshed the look and the feel of its weather answers and added more resources to help you plan your weekend activities and know what to pack for your upcoming trip or pick your next vacation spot.
Consider you’re planning to go to Las Vegas for a quick trip. Anyone who has been to Las Vegas before knows it is hot. So, how hot will it be this weekend? Are we packing bikinis and sandals or do we need a cover-up? Let’s find out here.

It looks good so far and it warms up as we head into the weekend. Bing is able to show you the forecast from multiple providers such as, Weather Underground and AccuWeather.

Besides, those who have been to Las Vegas also may know that freakish summer storms aren’t uncommon. It is our luck that Bing offers weather alerts.

If you’ve Bing, it is not required to have a weatherman to see the Doppler RADAR.

If you’re flying out in the next couple of hours? Check out Flight delay status on a map:

Moreover, you can even evaluate the weather based on UV. Note: pack the serious SPF sunscreen:

Is it always this nice in Las Vegas? Basically, yes.

At the same time, we can’t say that it is such warm everywhere in the US as our friends in Barrow, Alask can attest. Ever wondered what it’s like living somewhere where the summertime high is 47 degrees? Me, neither.

That certainly can’t be right, could it? With Bing, we can not only see that Barrow doesn’t get very warm, that 47-degree high is at the peak of their sun time.

If you wish, you also can check out Barrow’s chilly weather from space:
From hourly to averages, Bing has your weather covered. Even if your local weatherman does not.

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