Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tips: Adding quickly add features in Windows Server 2008 R2

Earlier, in order to add or remove the operating system components, we were using the Add/Remove Windows Components option of the Add Or Remove Programs utility. Now, it becomes simpler in Windows Server 2008 R2. Here, we can configure the operating system components as Windows features that we can turn ON or OFF rather than add or remove. You can go with the following features to add the server features.
•    First, it is required to launch Server Manager (Start | Administrative Tools | Server Manager).
•    Now, in Server Manager, it is required to select Features in the left pane.
•    Then, click Add Features in the Features to start the Add Features Wizard. (If the wizard displays the Before You Begin page, read the intro text and click Next. You can avoid seeing this page the next time you start this wizard by selecting the Skip This Page By Default check box before you click Next.)
•    Now, on the Select Features page, it is required to select the feature or features you wish to install.

•    If you think additional features are required to install the feature you’ve selected, you will be able to see the Add Features Required For dialog box.
•    Now, click the Add Required Features in order to close the dialog box and to add the required features to the server installation.
•    If you’ve finished selecting the features that you wish to add, it is required to click on Next and then click on the Install option.
•    That is it. Done.
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