Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tips: How to Configure Resource Throttling on SharePoint Server 2010

In order to monitor and throttle the server resources and large list for Web Applications, a new feature in SharePoint Server 2010 is available. This feature lets you control the resource utilization during the peak usage and prevent user activity form negatively affecting server performance.

For every five seconds, resource throttling is able to monitor the resources such as CPU, Memory, and Wait Time. This throttling will start if there are three unsuccessful checks and the throttling period will end after a successful check of the resources.

The main thing to be noted is that during a period of active throttling, HTTP GET requests and Search Robot requests will generate the 503 error will be logged in the event viewer and no new timer jobs will begin.

How to enable resource throttling:
•    First, it is required to select Resource Throttling from the General Settings Ribbon.
•    Then, it is required to enter the values for the List View Threshold option.
•    This will limit the queries within a list to guard against performance degradation with too many list items. In SharePoint Server 2010, two thousand view in a view is the accepted performance limit.
•    If a list has a large number of items, queries with too many results will be very slow.
•    A message will appear if you attempt an action that would reach a throttle limit. This message will list the alternative methods that will not affect the performance.
•    Now, you can set the List View Threshold for auditors and administrators.
•    Then, you can define the List View Lookup Threshold. The default of 8 generally works in new implementations.
•    This List View Lookup is able to go beyond six fields and it is required to increase the limit here.
•    The option “Definite the List Unique Permission Threshold” will be rarely changed.
•    Then, we can turn the Backward-Compatible Event Handlers ON or OFF. By default, this will be OFF. If you’ve a large amount of development work in SharePoint Server 2007 that leveraged event handlers for lists or libraries. It is required to turn this ON.
•    You can also check with your developers if you like to upgrade from SharePoint Server 2007.
•    If you wish you can configure HTTP Request Monitoring And Throttling. This will change the settings in IIS for all the Web Servers in the farm for this Web Application.
•    You can also define the Change Log constraints.
•    It is required to be careful that you’re not reducing this too much as it will negatively affect servers that rely on history information for the sites that have the Web Applications.
•    After that, it is required to click OK.
•    Now, all it is done.

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