Friday, August 19, 2011

Apps: Share your every information with your friends in Windows Phones

In today’s mobile life, it’s really difficult finding where people are in a crowd breeze. However, “We’re In” is capable of organizing get-together and finding the people. If you wish to see where your friends are, you can seek help of We’re In. The process is much simpler; all it is required to do is inviting our friends. If they join, they’ll be able see your location and you can see theirs as well. When the invite expires, so does the shared location – no complicated process to worry about.
Besides, We’re In is a great way for saving time and frustration. If you plan your road trip or a meet with your friend as it helps you connect with your friends faster. Now, let’s have a deep look at the new product features of We’re In.

Bing has made We’re In super simple to use. Therefore, all it is required is your phone number to sign up. Then, simply invite your friends via your contacts to start sharing location info with each comprising who, why, and how long:
You can pick your friends from the contact list or enter their phone number and tell them what the plan is. At this point, you can choose how long you want to share the location info.

Moreover, your friends can receive a text message with these details. They can use the app to join you or, for friends that don't have a Windows Phone, they can join from the mobile website via the invite.
See your friends on the map
You can view each of your friends location as they join the map. If you need, you can plan, pinch and stretch the map for seeing more or fewer of them. Everyone that joins can see everyone else's location.
If you wish, you can also update your status message to let your friends know what’s going on. You can see someone's most recent status message; just tap their user tile on the map. To see status messages for everyone that's joined, go to the People tab.

If you wish to stop sharing your location info at any time, you can just tap "leave" on the People tab. If you wish, you can send them a status message to let them know that you're leaving.

The major feature is that if the time is up, it is not required to do anything manually to stop the invitation. It will be automatically expired and the sharing will also be stopped. “We’re In” is available as a Windows Phone application and Bing is working on to enable this on more devices.
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