Friday, August 19, 2011

Gadgets: HP Thin Clients rock in market

HP Thin Client is a rocking unveil from HP. The name of the device is HP T5335Z Smart Client. It is Slim, streamlined and silent; the HP t5335z is equipped with technology that ensures optimum utilization of time. Its Auto-Sensing technology adapts to your environment automatically identifying and connecting to the right client virtualization infrastructure in seconds.

First of its kind
The HP t5335z Smart Client is a uniquely intelligent zero client, delivering new levels of simplicity and value in thin computing. Too smart to be called Zero, the HP t5335z features Auto-Sensing technology that adapts to your environment. Simply connect the HP Smart Client to the network and a user monitor, and you’re on.

Zero configuration
There is no need to touch the client device to configure anything. The HP Smart Client is a truly no-touch zero client device. Just set up your server, boot the client and connect.
Zero management
Using the HP Smart Client infrastructure, you can set up your network in minutes. At each boot up, the
HP t5335z Smart Client automatically identifies the assigned environment from the server in seconds.
Zero compromise
Unlike other zero clients, you can deploy HP Smart Clients with the peace of mind that if your client virtualization software changes, your HP Smart Clients will adapt to your environment. Simply repurpose your HP Smart Client for another protocol, saving time and money.