Wednesday, August 17, 2011

News: Difference of newest and oldest pagination features of Gmail

Now, the arrow buttons are used to replace the pagination links of the latest Gmail design refresh. If you think it’s not obvious, the navigation links that sent you to the newest/oldest messages are still available in the new interface. It is required to just lick the message similar to "11-20 of 3903" from the screenshot below to know that two options are missing.
This will work for Gmail’s search results when you click any one of the labels. For instance, click the "All Mail" system label, click the pagination message, select "Oldest" and find the first messages from your Gmail account.

“Newest” is the only pagination feature that works for the search terms that return a lot of results. This is because, Gmail shows vague estimations for the number of results like "1-20 of hundreds" or "1-20 of thousands" and it can't determine the last page of results.

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