Monday, August 8, 2011

News: Make your download process simpler in Google Chrome withDownloadsextension

If you like Google Chrome than any other browser, this will be one of the best news for you. Moreover, if you like to download more files from internet, you might have faced some difficulties. To come over this trouble, Google Chrome has released a dedicated Downloads button for you here. It lets you open the download webpage in a single click.
Now, let’s discuss about installing this download button in Google Chrome.

1.    First, open the Google Chrome browser and open this link.
2.    Now, click “Add to Chrome” for installing this extension in your Google Chrome browser.
3.    Once the installation process is successful, you can see the new “Downloads button” at the right top side of menu toolbar.

4.    If you click on that Downloads button will open the download webpage where you can easily track the files that are being downloaded or have been already downloaded.
5.    If you use this extension, you can feel the quick performance in download management.