Friday, August 5, 2011

Tips: Distributing a customized Office 2010 install to the Remote Workers

In this article, let’s discuss about distributing a Customized Office 2010 Install to the Remote Workers. Once you’ve successfully configured the installation settings on a network installation point using OCT and Config.xml file, you will be able to distribute the customized install to the users in the field via DVD. All it is required to do is copying all the files and folders from the network installation point to DVD comprising any .msp files you’ve saved to the Updates folder and your modified Config.xml file.
After that, you will be able to run setup.exe from the DVD to get the same customizations as users installing Office 2010 from the network installation point.

The one of the most notable thing is that the simplest method relies on the Config.xml file being stored in the same folder as Setup.exe. If you store the new Config.xml file anywhere else, the user will need to use the /config switch to specify where the file is stored.
D:\Office2010\setup.exe /config D:\DifferentFolder\Config.xml
Above mentioned is an example if the disc is in the D: Drive.
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