Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tips: Hiding and showing a library file in the Navigation Pane-Windows 7

This article is about hiding or showing a library on the Windows 7 Navigation Pane. If the library is hidden, it will not be displayed in the navigation pane, but it will be displayed in the main Libraries window. You can find Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, and Videos libraries are displayed in the Navigation Pane as it is the default settings.
Using the libraries, you can access and arrange the items from one or more folders fast without moving them from their original location. Moreover, the libraries don’t store your files or folders, whereas they point to different locations on a hard disk or external drive attached to your computer. Besides, you can have access to a category of files wherever they’re. If you’ve saved the music files in your local and external hard drives, you’ll still be able to access all the music files from within the “Music” library.
Below given is the full path of the hidden libraries folder.



Method 1:
Now, let’s check how to hide a library in the Navigation Pane.
1.    First of all, open the Windows Explorer.
2.    Right click on the library files (Documents, Music etc) either from the navigation pane or main Libraries window.
3.    Then, click Don’t show in Navigation Pane as shown in the screenshot.

4.    Now, the selected folder will be hidden and not be displayed in the Navigation Pane as shown in the screenshot.

Okay, let’s go with showing a Library in the Navigation Pane
5.    Follow the same process; right click on a library (Documents, Music etc) in the main Libraries window that has been hidden.
6.    Now, click on Show in Navigation Pane as shown below.
7.    Now, you can view the hidden folders in the Navigation Pane.

Method 2:

Now, let’s discuss about performing the same steps from the Library Properties Page.
8.    Follow the same steps; right click on a Library to select Properties. You can also right click on the library from either the Navigation Pane or Libraries window location.
9.    To hide the Library from the Navigation Pane, right click on a Library and select Properties.

10.    Now, remove the check mark by the Shown in Navigation Pane box as shown below.
The below procedure is to view the library on the Navigation Pane.
11.    Follow the above steps and check the Shown in Navigation Pane box.
12.    Then, click Apply and OK.
13.    Now, the library file will be viewable for you.