Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tips: How to restart, shutdown and log OFF local and network basedWindows 7 computer

If you’re using a Windows 7 computer and looking for an option to perform an action to turn OFF the computer remotely, read this article without fail. You can perform this action by using the “Remote Shutdown Dialog” box. Moreover, you can even shutdown, restart or log OFF local or network based computers in an easier way. It is required to open the elevated command prompt, type shutdown –i and press the enter key to open the Remote Shutdown Dialog window.
1.    Here, it is required to click Add button to add the name of the computer on which you wish to perform the action.
2.    Make sure that you’re having the administrative privileges on the computers.
3.    Now, select the command. You can allow the time delay as you like.

4.    If you wish, you can enter a message that will be displayed on the computer before it shuts down.
5.    Now, click OK.
If you don’t wish to provide a valid message, you can document the reason for an unexpected restart or shutdown of a remote computer without any need of logging in to that computer.

•    The firewall exceptions for the Remote Administration and Windows Management Instrumentation should be enabled on the remote computer.
•    The Remote Registry service should be enabled on the remote computer for Shutdown Event Tracker to be able to record the information.
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