Saturday, October 8, 2011

Gadgets: Aston Martin Voyage Boat

As a tribute to Aston Martin for his rocking high performance vehicles, the Aston Martin Voyage Boat has been designed. It has been designed as a fully functional boat that is possible to be built anytime upon request. Therefore, we can’t say it is a futuristic concept. From the very first start, this design has been decided to incorporate nautical features such as anchors and cleats. The boats have come out with the roof, the window shapes, front and rear lights, side ventilation, hood details, and also the frontal grille here is translated into the windshield shape. These Aston Martin Voyage Boats feature the characteristic of Aston Martin Cars.

The name voyage is derived from the brand’s tradition of naming cars with the initial V. Moreover, it represents a movement, a change, a search of new horizons, perfect for the type of people that are always on the move with style and elegance. The designer of the boat is Luiz de Basto.

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