Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gadgets: Auto Parachute works as a perfect rescuer from fire

Hoyoung Lee, Jinyoung Yun, Hejin Yeo and Jaesik Heo have designed this ultimate Auto Parachute. The main concept of the Auto Parachute is that reducing the possibilities of losing valuable lives while jumping out of a high raise building in case of fire or other disasters by offering a fully automatic mechanism. This Auto Parachute is fully capable of covering the entire rescue cycle in different ways. The parachute will start working right away you escape. It is capable of taking you enough distant from the building with the help of the wind hole through proper posture so that the building can’t catch the parachute after it is launched.

After that, it will open the parachute in the right moment getting signal from the in-built sensor. Once you safely land, the LEDs will start blinking for giving an indication to the rescuers. This Auto Parachute features a first aid kit with it.

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