Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gadgets: Sharp and I-Cubed rock together with ICC 4K LCD TV Prototype

A prototype next-generation LCD TV has been rolled by Sharp and I-cubed Research Center. It has come out with four times the definition of Full HI-Vision and the name of the TV is demos ICC 4K LCD TV Prototype. The TV features the latest ICC (Integrated Cognitive Creation) technology. It was developed by I-cubed. The aim of this technology is to bring the “Cognition” experience to the viewers. This will occur when people look at scenery and objects directly.
The footage of the TV is shot in HD and then up-converted to 4K. However, the technology isn’t a conventional super-high definition technology involving up- conversion and noise reduction. You can get a sense of perspective, three-dimensionality and texture using this idea.

“For example, nowadays, we have HD broadcasting and 4K monitors. What super-high resolution technology does is up-convert from HD signals to 4K signals, with the goal of reproducing electrical signals captured using a 4K camera if there isn’t any 4K content. Even if that is achieved 100%, the electrical signal is only 4K. We’d like you to see that we’re creating pictures with an optical signal instead of an electrical signal.”
An exhibition will be held about this prototype TV at CEATEC JAPAN 2011, from October 4 at Makuhari Messe. Sharp and I-cubed have planned to continue to co-develop this technology.

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