Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gadgets: Use Logitech Stereo Headsets H250 and H150 for a clear stereosound

Logitech reveals its new Stereo Headset 'H250' & 'H150' that provide the clear stereo sound. The branch manager “Jae-Chun Park” of Logitech Korea has released these two headsets on September 27.
Logitech H150 and H250 are PC based stereo sets and bring a clear sound quality, comfort, elegant look and convenience to the PC users for the purpose of VoIP communication or entertainment.

Both of these two headsets have come out with simple and snug design. Besides, they’re convenient to use with setting plug and play. If you’re using internet phone call, it will provide a rotating noise free mike and stereo sound. Unfortunately, the price and other details of the devices have not been revealed. However, stay tuned for updates.

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