Monday, October 24, 2011

Google: Google+ integrates its Blogger with it

We really don’t know if it is a good or a bad news. Now, if you edit your Blogger profile, you will get a message that states "Connect Blogger to Google+: Use your Google profile and get access to upcoming Google+ features on Blogger". Though the links are broken for the moment, they’re still referred for profile switching.
So far, so many features of Google have been discontinued. Therefore, it is not a surprise that the Blogger profiles are going to be discontinued and replaced by Google Profiles. However, some of other sources say that it’s not clear if Blogger will be integrated with Google+.

Moreover, there are possibilities that the Blogger posts will be automatically triggered as Google+ posts and the Blogger/Google+ comments will be synchronized. At the same time, the Friend Connect will be discontinued as Google+ will replace it. Let’s wait and check what more is going to happen.

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