Friday, October 7, 2011

Orkut tips: Four changes that make Orkut much easier and secured

You might have missed your friends’ comments on a video you’ve uploaded; aren’t you? Yes!. It is somehow a disappointment that we miss our friends’ comments. However, there are four improvements found out for the Orkut users.

1.    Now, you can check a new page called “Conversations” that shows the new scraps you get. Moreover, you can also view the new replies or comments to conversations you’ve participated on. This is applicable even for the videos you share, scraps you post and photos you comment on.
2.    You can get an indication of an item you’ve not yet seen. Moreover, you can see a small box to the right side of the labels “conversations”, “reminders” and “scraps”. These items will let indicate you that you’ve to check the updates on the pages. If you enter the page, you can see a small color mark to the left of the items you’ve not checked. If you open those pages, they will be automatically changed as read.

3.    The third one is the yellow ribbon on the top of the updates. Now, it is no more there.
4.    The last one is that the comments on scraps will not be visible on the scrap page anymore. In order to make it more private, you can see them on the “conversations” page.
Note: Within a few days, these changes will reach all the users to enjoy a new Orkut.

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