Monday, October 3, 2011

Tips: Check out the color of the visited pages in Google Search

You might have noticed in Google or any other search engines the color change of visited websites. By default in Google, the color will be changed to purple from blue. Moreover, this is common for most of the search engines. However, the websites can alter the color using some CSS code.
In the browsers, if your web history is enabled and you’ve logged in using your Google Account, then Google will be able to save the search results you visit to your web history. If you use a different browser or a different computer and you’ve logged in using the same account, Google will be still able to change the visited website colors from blue to purple regardless of the browsers or the computers you’re using to visit them.

For example, I searched for [haploid] using Chrome, I clicked on one of the results, then I tried the same query in Internet Explorer and the page I've visited in Chrome already had a purple link.

For pages you're visiting frequently, Google shows an annotation below the snippet: "You've visited this page X times. Last visit: ...". When you mouse over the snippet, Google suggests to +1 the link: "You've visited this page X times. +1 to recommend it on Google search!". At the same time, Google also has a search filter that lets you restrict the results to the visited pages.
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