Monday, October 3, 2011

Tips: How to search, find, delete and filter the contacts in Windows Phone 7 and higher

Nowadays, the enhancement of Windows Phone is extremely high and we all know about Windows Phone 7.5. It has come out with so many great features to bring a good experience in handling mobiles. Now, let’s discuss the matter. If you’ve a very long list of contacts from different categories such as personal email, work email and social network, you can find your contacts easily, quickly and filter them in an easier way.

How to filter contacts list in Windows Phone 7?
You can find the default contacts from your contacts list on your phone. Therefore, you can choose the filter list in order to show the contacts from your accounts you choose. If you filter your contacts,  the filtered contacts will not be visible in your list though they’re available in your phone. At the same time, if you wish you can get them by search.
•    It is required to select settings from the App list. You can find the App list from Start.
•    Now, left to the applications, tap People by flicking.
•    Then, it is required to tap filter my contacts list.
•    After that, select the accounts from which you wish to show contacts and then tap done.
How To filter social updates in Windows Phone 7?
If you want to hide the updates from not so important social network because of the excessive posts, comments, and tweets, then follow one of the steps mentioned below.
If you’re feeling uncomfortable with the excessive posts, comments, and tweets of social network , follow the steps to crash them out.
Follow the first two steps provided above and select the option. Tap Only displays posts from people visible in my contact list. The updates, posts from social networks that you’ve filtered out of your contact list will no longer be visible in What’s new in People.
1.    Tap People after going on start. Flick to What’s new, tap All accounts, and then tap the account whose posts you want to view.
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