Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tips: How to setup an Ad Hoc Wireless Network

Setting up an Ad-Hoc wireless network will be a simpler method if you really wish to share the information on your computer with other people nearby and everyone’s computer that has a wireless network adapter. Though there is a constraint that other people should be within 30 feet, you can get a lot of possibility and advantages with the Ad-Hoc wireless network. If you’re looking forward to establish an Ad-Hoc network at a meeting of mobile computer users, you can share the information with other attendees on their own screens rather than overhead projector. Once you successfully establish the network, you can do this by using Windows Meeting.

Moreover, you can share an Internet connection through an ad hoc network. However, make sure that the Internet connection is then available to anyone logging on to a computer that is connected to the network, and thus is likely not very secure.

How to set up an Ad-Hoc network?

1.    On the Start menu, click Connect To.
2.    First on the start menu, it is required to click “Connect To”.
3.    Then, it is required to click the Set up a connection or network task in the Connect to a network window.
4.    After that, click Set up a wireless ad hoc (computer-to-computer) network from the Choose a connection option page.
5.    Then, click Next. You can view this option on the computers that have the wireless adapters.
6.    Now, read the Ad-Hoc network information and click Next.
7.    After that, it is required to name the network and select whether the network is open or requires authentication.
8.    If you wish, you can set a security phrase and click Next.
9.    Once you successfully setup the Ad-Hoc network, you can get an option of sharing your internet connection.
10.    If you wish to disconnect from an Ad-Hoc network, display the Connect To A Network window, click the ad hoc network, and then click Disconnect.
11.    That’s all. Now, it is done. Start the action.


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