Wednesday, November 16, 2011

News: Hotmail brings Categories and Instant Action – Latest features

Very recently, Hotmail has released its two new stunning features for its users. They’re Instant Actions and Categories. In this article, let’s check one of the ways to use them by configuring.
Let’s discuss the categories of Hotmail.
If you’re not able to view the Category column as shown in the below image, click the Gear icon besides Quick views and then click on “Manage Categories”.

If you wish, you can also go with the alternative way to open the “Manage Categories” by clicking on the “Categories” option as shown in the below image.

Check the box ‘Show the category column in the message list’. Now you can see the Category column.

Now, it is required to check the box ‘Show the category column in the message list’. Then, you will be able to view the “Category column”.

After that, you can view a lot of default categories and you can categorize your mail by adding them. Here, one of the most useful categories is “Newsletters” as we receive so many newsletters and we’re bothered about them.
What is Instant Actions – Hotmail?

If you point the cursor on the message, it appears beside the sender names and the subject lines in your message list.

Therefore, you can have a quick way to take action without opening the message. However, if you wish you can customize and add new Instant Action. Now, let’s discuss.

First create a new category and call it ‘Review Later”. You can perform this action from Quick Views> New category.

Now, you can keep all of your flagged messages in the newly created category “Review Later”. Therefore, you can avoid the unwanted messages. You can customize the Instant Actions to make this process simpler.

Now, let’s make a new Instant Action to add the “Review Later” category.

First, select Options > More Options… > Customizing Hotmail > Instant Actions.Now, it is required to click the Instant Actions window, click on Add Actions> Categorize and select Review Later from the drop-down list.

Then, you can choose an icon for this Instant Action. After that, it is required to use “Move down” to put it along the “Flag” icon under “Show always”. Make sure that you’re clicking on the “Save” option.
Then, it is required to open Inbox to view the new Instant Action and the Flag for always shown. It is required to point the mouse to view the option. Now, you can have both the old and the new flagging features displayed.

If you perform this action, you’ll be able to view only the Review Later messages by clicking on “Review Later” category under Quick Views. About these features, Hotmail says that the features are for Power Users who wish to have everything.

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