Saturday, November 19, 2011

News: Microsoft Security Essentials brings more stunning features

We can expect a new version of Microsoft Security Essentials very soon. Sources say that the Microsoft is on progress to bring out MSE with some more new features. It is free antivirus software for Windows.
1.    The new Microsoft Security Essentials is expected to have a new protection search engine in order to bring an enhanced detection and cleanup capabilities and to report Microsoft about the same.
2.    Moreover, you can have the enhanced protection through automatic malware remediation and clean high-impact malware infections automatically. This process doesn’t require the user interaction.
3.    At the same time, it will be capable of checking the negative impacts and improving the performance of the Windows PCs.

4.    It should bring a simple and easy to use User Interface.
5.    If you wish to have this Beta version, it is required to sign up here.
6.    Once the download is available, you will be notified.
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