Tuesday, November 1, 2011

News: Updates on Google Drive

Google Drive, though the name looks newer to us, really it isn’t. Google Drive is a new name of Google Docs. Therefore, it has not come out with any new service but, new software to synchronize your files with Google Docs. Moreover, the software is to bring more free storage for your docs.
Some of the sources say that Google Drive is also the name of downloadable software and the new menu item "Download Google Drive" will be disabled by default. Therefore, if you wish to enable it, open Google Docs, then launch Chrome’s Developer tools and switch to Scripts tab to search for cookieFetchElement. Then, click on the row number (365) to set a breakpoint and reload Google Docs. After that, get back to the Developer Tools and paste the following code in the console.

config.ed = true; config.ddu = '.';

Now, go back to the Scripts tab, click the “Pause” button (F8) and switch to the Google Docs tab. For that moment, you can’t download the Google Drive software. However, you can find it interesting than normal Dropbox.

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