Sunday, November 27, 2011

Plug-ins: File Lab – an online Audio Editor

This is a new experience for you to edit the audio files without uploading. The name of the tool is File Lab and it is completely browser based. All it is required to do to use it is downloading the plugin from the site. Then, you’ll be able to view an editor that lets you modify the audio files. At the same time, it isn’t required to upload any files as it runs locally.
Here, you can find two pages namely Audio Effects and Generate.
Some of the options are as follow:
Amplify: FileLabs Audio Editor lets you change the decibel range by viewing it.
Fade In/Fade Out: Using this option, you can check out for linear fade in and fade out.

Normalize: This option is used to amplify the weaker sounds while attenuating the sounds that are too high.
Mute: It isn’t required to explain about this option as the name itself clarifies.
Invert: It is used to flip the right and right channels within the audio file. Therefore, you can select any particular area to flip.
Limiter: Using this option, you can remove a distortion to the audio signal.
Auto Correction: As the name itself states, you can use this to enhance the sound aural characteristics. Moreover, it is capable of reducing the dynamic range, normalizing and equalizing the audio.
Echo: Repeats the selected sound with the selected effect.
Reverb: It is capable of adding echo and multiple reflections of it. You can also use it in modelling acoustics in a hall.
Tempo Change: Used for increasing and decreasing the tempo. Though the music works in both slower and faster modes, the pitch is still unaffected.
Equalizer: The equalizer is capable of boosting or cutting the frequency bands and providing a visual representation of the resulting EQ curve.

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